Castle on the cover of Aaron's Revenge

 I chose this castle to be an example of what I imagine the Palace of Twelve Pillars to resemble.


Aaron grew up believing he was a farmer’s son and destined to be a low level knight in Crato. Then on his fifteenth birthday his world is torn from him when he is kidnapped and thrown into a world of deception and magic. His sibling rivalry with Tomas pales in comparison to the challenges he’ll face in the search for his identity and destiny.

Enit grew up a princess and without the love of her Father. When her long lost brother is found she embarks on a journey to find a relationship with her brother and win the love of her father.

Their paths become intertwined as they encounter rivalry and battles in their fight for family, kingdom and themselves.

My Blogs

My Blogs

Hi To All my Loyal Followers,

I wanted to share a little update with you. My second blog Dragons Muse @  http://christina-weigand.blogspot.com was originally purposed to be for my children’s writing and I talked a little about my middle grade wip along with my YA wip. And that worked really well for a while until my YA novel began the publication journey and I started revising the prequel to that same novel. I realized that maybe it was time for the baby to leave it’s mother so I started another blog Palace of Twelve Pillars @ https://chrisweigand.wordpress.com/  In this blog I will follow the progress of the Twelve Pillars trilogy, did I say trilogy? Yes it is a trilogy with the first book Palace of Twelve Pillars written and being revised. The second Palace of Three Crosses, just barely started and the third Aaron’s Revenge on the publication trail, currently being self published with XLibris, but still looking for a traditional publisher or agent. More can be seen about the trilogy on the blog.

So where does that leave Dragons Muse. That sight still has a purpose of it’s own. It is home to my middle grade trilogy beginning with Myrria’s Legacy. The other two are barely started and yet to be named. The third one currently titled (but sure to be changed) Ellie’s Origami I have been writing for a challenge with another group of bloggers @ http://lovingbooksandmore.blogspot.com/   where we are supposed to write a page a day and post our word counts and the story progress. Myrria’s Legacy is now being edited and revised having just finished its first round of critiques, the hardest being the third graders in my daughters class at school who get some of the credit for parts of the story as well as serving as the inspiration and muse. The second book only has about 1000 words at this point but I am hoping to increase that number by 50,000 in November when I participate in NANOWRIMO.
It can be seen at http://christina-weigand.blogspot.com

And what about Angels Muse, my first blog child. She will remain in pretty much the same way she has already done. I may shake things up a little by adding excerpts from my ebook Women of the Bible: A Study. I also may make the ebook available for sale on my blog as well as running a Bible Study using it. But I will let you know if and when that will happen. In the meantime you can continue to look for my devotions as frequently as I can get them posted. She can be seen @ http://angelsmuse.blogspot.com/

Anyway be sure and check out my other blogs: http://angelsmuse.blogsopot.com/ and


All for the Glory of God


Hello world!

This blog is going to be about me and my books: Palace of Twelve Pillars, Palace of Three Crosses and Aaron’s Revenge. I am in the process of self publishing Aaron’s Revenge, the third book in the trilogy, so you will see some excerpts here along with some updates on the progress of the publishing process.

I am working on revisions of Palace of Twelve Pillars so you will probably hear more about that as I will be looking for input on the work. This one is actually the first in the trilogy, but after writing the third one I wanted to know how the characters namely Aaron got to be where he was, what his history was, hence the story before he was born.

Palace of Three Crosses has the least written and is a continuation or Twelve Pillars. Hopefully by the end of the year I will continue the story and finish the trilogy with Three Crosses.

Anyway that is a preview of what you will see on this blog.